About Culture BioSystems

Culture BioSystems (formerly known as Culture Fuels) is a technology provider of cultivation platforms for growing low cost algae for fuels, feeds and fine chemicals.  Culture BioSystems has developed patent-pending hybrid cultivation platforms FloatAlgae™ and LandAlgae™, highly-productive, low-cost photobiorectors that float on a body of water or are placed on land.  They significantly increase algal biomass density which reduces the capital and energy needed for harvesting equipment.  The systems also control and minimize evaporation and the concentration of nutrients, salts and buffers while significantly reducing the amount of water required to grow algae. Culture BioSystems has combined the two principal ways of growing algae - open ponds and closed photobioreactors -  into a hybrid technology system. This improved engineering solution allows for the production of cost-competitive end products using natural algae strains.