Culture BioSystems' technology platforms addresses many of the challenges associated with traditional oils, such as price volatility and negative environmental impacts.

Our technology enables the ability to organically grow the algae in a system that minimizes contamination from other algae strains while still being low cost. Therefore, we believe that the algae grown from our cultivation platform can address the needs of the market areas including nutraceuticals, feeds, fuels, and nutrition.

Algae are rapidly growing organisms which contain oil, protein and carbohydrates in their biomass.  After cultivation and harvesting, these algae components can be processed into final products for use by humans and animals. 

Culture Feeds

Fresh, live algae is a superior feed for aquaculture hatcheries compared to frozen or dry paste.  With Culture Biosystem’s cultivation platform, the cost of producing this superior product is comparable to existing products.  Live algae can be used in the following types of hatcheries:

a.       Marine fish
b.      Shellfish
c.       Shrimp



Demand for natural health products, such as omega-3, is increasing globally.  The principal current source of omega3, fish, consume algae oil which provides them with omega3.  Thus, algae can be grown directly and cut out the “middle fish”.  Additionally, algae can be grown to produce beta-carotene and astaxanthin.



Integrated algae companies and industrial companies in adjoining sectors (oil companies, CO2 emitters, phosphate mining companies) use the large FloatAlgae and LandAlgae platforms to produce scalable, low-cost algae for conversion into fuel.