Industry News 

March 2016 - Algae-based agriculture feed could reduce CO2 concentration to pre-industrial levels

December 2015 - ANA, Japan’s largest airline, to use algae jet fuel

October 2105 - The End of Food vs. Fuel? The Next Generations of Biofuels

August 2015 - New U.S. carbon regulations on power utilities incentive algae industry

February 2015 - Research shows the benefit of having a short lightpath in photobioreactors to increase efficiency

January 2015 - Algenol's algae fuel wins EPA approval as advanced fuels

July 2014 - Algae company Sapphire Energy inducted into U.S. – China EcoPartnerships Program

September 2013 - Algae biofuel can cut CO2 emissions by at least 50% compared to petroleum fuel

June 2013 - Aviation industry reaches agreement to manage carbon emissions 

June 2012- TED Global Talk – Dr. Jonathan Trent, algae project leader at NASA Ames Research Center